May 31, 2011

Dim Sum @ Crown Prince Fine Dining

Crown Prince is one of my favourite dim sum spots because their food is refined AND they have the early bird special! I know that $2.80 for any SML item is still not very cheap, but I do enjoy the food here a lot. Not to mention that the ambiance is very elegant and extravagant.
Tea is served in a very pretty pot, and the cups are a lot bigger than the usual dim sum ones so you don't have to keep refilling it.
Pumpkin and corn congee was really great to start. I loved the combination of pumpkin and corn, and the result was not overly sweet.
Beef tendon with Chu Hou sauce was very tender and delicious. I almost forgot how much I enjoy beef tendon.
Steamed glutinous rice dumpling with egg yolk and canopy was also a hit. I like to break open the dumpling and get right to the fatty goodness of the cured egg yolk and pork in the middle.
Next, the baked eel puff pastry won over my heart and stomach. The concoction resembles deep fried taro dumpling (another dim sum staple) with a piece of eel encased in the center. I will definitely order this again the next time I come here.
I also enjoyed the rice noodle stuffed with spring roll. Usually, I prefer rice noodle stuffed with fried dough stick, but I appreciate the innovative pairing with the spring roll. The veggies and herbs in the spring roll added a punch of flavours that complemented the overall dish quite well.
Sweet egg yolk paste layer cake was so good that I wanted to eat all four pieces! The rich egg yolk paste (which tasted like custard) layered between fluffy sponge cake was an absolute delight.
At first sight, the deep fried sesame ball with egg yolk paste appear quite ordinary...
...but it was wonderful to bite into that piping hot filling! This was a very well-executed version of a classic dim sum dessert. 
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