May 6, 2011

Dim sum @ Ambassador Chinese Cuisine

Ambassador Chinese Cuisine is too pricey for my liking, but I have to agree that the food here is pretty good. I've come here numerous times and these are some of my favourite dishes. First up, deep fried taro with pork and seafood. This is something that I always order for dim sum, but Ambassador's verison manages to surprise me by incorporating curry into the filling. The curry is subtle, but it's an interesting touch that makes the dish unique.
From the special menu, crispy shrimp rolls resembles a longer and leaner version of the traditional spring rolls. It's served with a sweet sauce that adds a pleasant tang to the savoury roll. It's a playful, crunchy snack that's quite delicious. I particularly enjoy the moist and tender shrimp filling. 
I'm perplexed by why the deep fried savoury triangle with pork and shrimp is more sweet than savoury. Nevertheless, I love the greasy fried casing with the sweet, nutty fillings.
Pan-fried chives and assorted meat pancake is pleasantly chewy, and the chives add a great aroma. I enjoy this, but it's not my favourite item and I'd rather try other items than reorder this.
I love Ambassador's execution of the steamed noodle roll with deep fried dough. The balance between the velvety rice noodle and crispy, deep fried dough is perfect, and neither component is overly greasy. The accompanying sweet and nutty dips are strangely addictive and a sprinkle of chives and dried shrimps complete the dish with finesse.
The pan-fried noodle roll with XO spicy sauce is a more filling dish. I love XO spicy sauce slathered on almost anything and rice noodle rolls are no exception! The rolls are fragrantly pan-fried and the sprinkle of sesame seeds and chives are great additions. I definitely recommend ordering this if you have gluttons in your dining party.
On the sweeter end, steamed sweetened egg custard rolls is perfectly tasty. The custard rolls are moist and wonderfully (but not overly) sweet. Ambassador is a nice place to enjoy refined dim sum in an upscale, comfortable environment. Its steeper prices means the restaurant can't be my go-to dim sum place, but it's an occasional treat.
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  1. Good review on dimsums.. makes me hungry



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