May 9, 2011

Desserts @ Guu Izakaya

I did not go to Guu just to eat desserts. In fact, we ordered almost 70% of their menu on this meal, but since I've featured the majority of the dishes on this blog before, I didn't feel like taking more pictures... until the desserts came. Priced at a whopping $18, the fruits parfait, described as a Guu-style luxury sundae, was absolutely monstrous! Although the size was impressive, the sundae itself was not that unique. In fact, it basically consisted of a mount of cornflakes + vanilla ice cream + whipped cream + some strawberries and bananas, with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. I could have made this at home.
In comparison, the daily cheesecake with brown sugar and something else that I can't remember was miniscule. I enjoyed the cake more than the sundae.
Guu Izakaya on Urbanspoon



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