May 2, 2011

Cora's @ Waterloo

I had a somewhat disappointing experience at Cora's in Waterloo. Somehow, I feel that the quality here doesn't quite measure up to other locations in GTA. What I love about Cora's is the sense of cheeriness and optimism that the chain exudes. Right from the start, the Waterloo location wasn't as cheery or bright as other locations. Although we were seated promptly, no server came for us for a long while
Strawberry banana smoothie usually can't go wrong, but this time was an exception. The smoothie was too icy and watered down.
Ham Eggs Ben et Dictine: two poached eggs on an English muffin covered with Hollandaise sauce, served with roasted potatoes and fresh fruit. All the other locations usually give me so much fruits that I can never finish them all. In comparison, the portion here is tiny! As well, the egg was overcooked and the yolk wasn't runny enough.
Chicken salad and Swiss cheese sandwich served with an unidentified soup.The sandwich was pretty decent, but the soup (I'm guessing it was sweet potato soup but I can't really tell) was sickly sweet and not tasty at all. I will not be returning to Cora's in Waterloo.
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