May 20, 2011

Cora's @ Scarborough

Back again at Cora's for brunch. The strawberry banana smoothie at this location was a lot better than the watered down one I had in Waterloo.
I don't always love sausages, but I really enjoyed the turkey sausage in the buckwheat blessing: three sausages and cheddar rolled in a blanket of buckwheat crepes, served with a plateful of fresh fruit. Cheese + sausage + crepe is a very filling and satisfying combination. They also give you a lot more fruits on the plate.
One of my favourite items that I always order is the Ham and Swiss cheese crepomelette: crepe stuffed with an omelette, covered in Hollandaise sauce. It's served with fresh fruits and multigrain toast. I never can finish everything on my own, but I enjoy every component on the plate.
1990's Harvest: A large cinnamon-raisin brioche dipped in French toast batter with an egg and bacon on one side and a mountain of fresh fruit on the other. The brioche more resembled a sweet and dense version of a cinnamon bun than French toast. Nevertheless, I loved it!
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