May 29, 2011

Celebration @ Mirage Grill and Lounge

The birthday celebration continues at Mirage. We ordered some drinks and desserts. First up- Bistro Choco-la: Irish Cream, Crème de Cacao and Vodka, blended with chocolate ice cream. It tasted like a chocolate milkshake (which is always a good thing).
I had my favourite cocktail- bellini, described as a refreshing and adventurous mix of sparkling wine and peach puree blended with ice.
Later, I also enjoyed a Piña Colada, which was a tad too sweet.

My friend ordered a waffle sundae and this concoction showed up at our table. We were all mystified about the "waffle"... did that wavy cup that the sundae was served in qualify as a "waffle cup"?
As it turned out, they made a mistake. So they took it back, after a little while, my friend finally got his waffle sundae: strawberry and vanilla ice cream draped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce in a signature waffle cup. It still really wasn't a "waffle cup", because it was just four pieces of waffle added to the sides of the sundae.
My boyfriend got the perfect couple crepe again. This time, the crepe wasn't crispy at all, and he was disappointed about that.
My other friend ordered the mocha crunch cake: three stacks of feather-light almond meringue enclose layers of creamy chocolate fudge and mocha mousse, adorned with enchanting swirls of fudge and natural almonds. The slice was pretty big so I got to mooch off from her, which I was very happy about. Contrary to the description, the meringue was not that light, but rather crunchy. However, it did pair well with the creamy mousse.
I'm also including pictures from a dinner that I had here previously. We weren't that hungry that time so we ordered two appetizers as our meal, which was actually pretty big. First, we have the quesadilla con pollo: grilled tortilla stuffed with roast chicken, diced fresh tomatoes, green pepper, jalapeños, caramelized onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Served with house salsa and fresh sour cream. It was hard to get the salsa because it quickly became all mixed up with the bed of greens that it was served on. We had to ask for more salsa, but all in all this was pretty tasty.
Chicken Fingers: homemade chicken breast tenders served with plum sauce for dipping and a side Caesar salad. Pretty generic and nothing amazing. Overall, I think I prefer coming here for dessert and drinks rather than meals.
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