May 7, 2011

Brunch @ School Bakery & Café

Liberty Village is a very nice neighbourhood, particularly on a warm, sunny day. It had the perfect atmosphere for a lazy brunch.
School Bakery & Café was our brunch destination on this day. The restaurant had various cute "school-related" touches, like clocks on the wall that all show 3:30. I wish I was back in elementary school
I loved the exposed brick walls.
Every table had one of these red apples. I wonder what would happen if I actually ate it.
Out of the two dishes, my favourite was undoubtedly the spiced benni on cheddar chive biscuit with back bacon, chipotle hollandaise and home fries. The chipotle hollandaise was simply divine! The chipotle really gave the sauce a great kick. As well, the eggs were nicely poached and perfectly runny inside. The only thing I wasn't crazy about were the home fries, which were rather chunky and dry.
I also enjoyed my super cheesy French toast with double smoked bacon, maple syrup and greens. I loved the combination of the savoury cheese and maple syrup, which made the French toast all the more decadent. The refreshing side salad was much needed to counterbalance all that fatty richness.
School also had a wide assortment of enticing baked goods on display by the door. Even after such a rich brunch, we couldn't resist getting something to go.
We settled for a chewy chocolate chip cookie, which was super chocolatey but not that chewy. I couldn't eat this without getting chocolate stains all over my hands. I wished that the cookie was more chewy and less chocolatey. But all in all, it was an enjoyable, coma-inducing brunch.
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  1. We had a late lunch today ... it was good.



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