May 20, 2011

Asian Legend @ Brimley & Sheppard

Asian Legend at Brimley and Sheppard used to be a Swiss Chalet, and you can definitely tell by the sloping roof. I think the restaurant did a great job transforming the space into the Chinese-style décor. I like this location a lot because it's so large and spacious.
Pan fried dumplings with pork was good, but I've had better ones before.
General Tao's Chicken resembles sweet and sour pork, except here we have deep fried chicken instead of pork. I ordered this after spotting it on the table next to ours, and the sauce was ridiculously addictive.
Dan Dan spicy noodle in peanut sauce paled in comparison to the other dishes. The flavour wasn't very impressive and I wasn't a fan of the thick noodles.
Surimi with broccoli is pretty good, but again, not the best that I've had. I wish they included the uncooked egg yolk to add more creaminess to the egg whites.
Complimentary green bean soup as dessert. By the end of the meal, I was too full and could only have two spoonfuls of this.
Asian Legend 味香村 on Urbanspoon


  1. I kind of had the same reaction with Asian Legend. It was okay, but nothing was really memorable.

  2. I like the egg pudding. Sounds like a good desert plan to me. Also, the dan dan spicy noodles looks yummy.



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