May 17, 2011

Afternoon Tea @ Phoenix

I was able to enjoy a nice afternoon tea at Phoenix one day, which was surprising since I hardly eat between 2:30 and 5 pm. But it worked out since I was still running on LA time, so 3 pm felt like noon, which is when I usually eat lunch. I like how Phoenix chills their cold milk tea in the fridge, rather than add ice which dilutes the flavour. The milk tea was excellent and very refreshing.
We got an array of buns, and mine was the pork chop bun, which I order quite frequently at Phoenix. At afternoon tea hours, the bun comes with a drink.
I think they burned the top of the fish fillet bun, so much that they even had to scrape off a piece of the bun. It was very visible, but the bun still tasted good.
The Hong Kong style hot dog had the same mayo sauce that accompanied both the pork chop and fish fillet buns. I personally prefer the Canadian grilled street-side hot dogs more.
Phoenix's Malaysian Curry beef is - in one word - amazing. I don't actually care for the beef, but the curry sauce is absolutely scrumptious! I could eat bowls and bowls of rice with this sauce.
Phoenix Restaurant on Urbanspoon



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