April 3, 2011

Sapporo Ichnam Sushi @ Alton Tower

I like going to Sapporo at Alton Tower for reliable, reasonably-priced sushi. It's always hard to find a good sushi restaurant near where I live, and Sapporo is pretty decent. They always give free appetizers, miso soup, and a simple salad. Today, the appetizer is some sort of deep fried fish.
Sapporo features many sushi/sashimi/maki combos. This is my favourite one that includes California roll, dynamite roll, and some sort of roll with mushrooms and topped with salmon. I like all three of these rolls, but dynamite is probably my favourite. On the other hand, the rolls here are quite small  compared to other restaurants' offerings.
The tempura bento box set was also very satisfying. I got to indulge in more California rolls, and I love tempura veggies. It's hard to go wrong with deep-fried anything! All in all, Sapporo doesn't blow my mind off, but I'm always guaranteed a good meal. 
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