April 1, 2011

Saigon Star @ Richmond Hill

This is a long-delayed post because I misplaced the pictures. For a previous Co-op term, I worked right on top of Saigon Star, so I'm quite familiar with this restaurant. Up until now, however, I never had a chance to sample their famous curry crab. So for Chinese New Year, I coerced my family into coming here to have a very unconventional (and much delayed) CNY dinner.
I unintentionally ordered the Thai chicken spring rolls, when what I really wanted was the Vietnamese spring rolls. I normally love the Saigon Star's version of the Viet spring roll, so I was extremely disappointed with my mistake. Fortunately, the Thai spring roll was a lot tastier than expected. The skin was perfectly crispy without being overly greasy. I particularly enjoyed the tangy sweet dip with the roll.
Charbroiled fresh West-coast rock oyster was full of garlicky, buttery goodness! Love, love love!
Grilled honey pork neck meat was also extremely satisfying. My mother favours this cut of pork because of its fattiness and texture. As a result, the meat is very heavy and rich (particularly with the honey glaze), so a few pieces were enough to satisfy me. Delicious nevertheless!
At long last, the coveted house famous specialty curry crab arrived! I could barely contain my excitement when this glorious plate was presented to our table! Although I love the flavour of crab, I'm not a big fan of eating the actual whole thing because it's too much work to get the meat out! So for me, the highlight wasn't really the crab (in fact, my mom complained that the crab was suboptimal because it wasn't in season), it was the curry sauce. The thick and creamy sauce was to die for in an inexplicable way! It wasn't spicy at all, and yet, it was so addictive that it made everything more delicious!
A hot loaf of French baguette was perfect for soaking up all that golden goodness. I think I finished a whole loaf by myself! The bread itself was excellent, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Thai imperial fried rice with chicken and shrimp was largely ignored in one corner while the rest of us devoured the crab. I did have a few spoonful (with curry sauce added, of course). However, I'm sure the leftovers made a very good lunch for my cousin the next day.
My sister ordered an iced Vietnamese coffee, and I was intrigued to see them bring out this apparatus. However, the coffee took a REALLY long time to drip, so I'd advise anyone who wants this to order this at the beginning of the meal...
Fortunately, the wait was worth it. The coffee was delicious and very refreshing after all that curry!
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  1. Ya! I've tried those kind of coffee in other Vietnamese restaurants before. They are good but make sure you order at the beginning of your meal



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