April 7, 2011

Red Lobster @ Thornhill & Dessert @ Destiny

I like to go to Red Lobster once or twice a year JUST for this: cheddar bay biscuits! I just can't get enough of the soft and buttery goodness! I would be so happy to eat this for my entire meal... well, we got so many refills that I did practically eat it for half of my meal.
Our entrée came with a Caesar salad, which was pretty ordinary.
The Red Lobster Signature Pizza, topped with langostino meat, melted cheese, fresh tomatoes and sweet basil, looked a lot better on the menu than in actuality. It was passable, but after having Pizzeria Libretto's pizza very recently, it didn't quite measure up. The lobster meat did nothing to elevate the pizza, since all I tasted was the tomatoes.
Lobster Lover's Dream: a succulent rock lobster ail and sweet spit Maritime lobster tail, roasted and served with shrimp, lobster, and langostino linguini Alfredo. Perhaps lobster is not in season right now, but I wasn't that impressed with the quality of the meat. In contrast, I rather enjoyed the linguini with cream sauce, even though it was very commercial. I feel like I could make it at home with Classico pasta sauce.
After dinner, we went for dessert and bubble tea at Scarborough's Destiny. I like their New York Style Cheesecake here, because they give you a huge slice for a reasonable price. I can't get enough of cheesecakes, and this one is perfectly creamy and cheesy! I've since gone back multiple times just to eat cheesecake!
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  1. No one could replicate the exact taste of their lobster recipes. The Red Lobster biscuit recipe is a closely guarded secret.

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  2. Entering Red Lobster at an earlier time would give you best seats and service. It has excellent food, especially the biscuits, however, the waiting time kills people, which is the main reason for most of low-rating reviews.

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  3. My family once had a dinner at Red Lobster and its true that we also experience that long waiting time. Maybe the owners have to do something about it.

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  4. I will be spending my holidays in Ontario and might try this restaurant. I dying to taste their signature pizza, but I hope I'll be able to taste the lobster and not the tomatoes.

  5. We visited on the last day of the endless shrimp promotion: I'm really going to miss the unlimited amounts of really great shrimp. The customer is a real winner both cost and food wise on the different seasonal deals. Our server was Janice who was excellent; we also talked to Big Mike who had also provided excellent service to us on a visit about 10 months ago. If you get either of them, you are in luck. The restaurant was busy but the food arrived in a timely manner: hot and well prepared. Janice kept the beverages, bread and endless shrimp coming. I look forward to our next trip to Kissimmee and our next visit to Red Lobster.

  6. Their lobster is worth trying. Other selection of meals are also tasty.

  7. The red lobster thorn hill dessert destiny described by you is not only tasty but also very simple to make. Thanks for sharing information



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