April 5, 2011

Pizzeria Libretto

I've heard such great things about Pizzeria Libretto that I'm surprised it took me so long to finally try it out. I generally love pizza, so I was excited to see how the pizza here would amaze me. The restaurant is rather narrow but the décor is bright and chic. True to what I heard, this place is extremely popular. We ended up waiting over an hour for a table for two and got seated at the bar.
Complimentary bread did not impress me that much. The bread was cold and hard, whereas I prefer warm bread served with butter.
Antipasto del Giorno was some sort of cured eggplant on a toasted crostini, topped with some cheese (I can't remember which kind). It was a delicious bite (much better than the cold bread) and I wished for more.
Crocche di Patate translates as Neapolitan potato croquettes. These croquettes arrived piping hot in the center, and we devoured them within seconds. Can you really go wrong with a deep fried ball of potato?
Buttermilk Calamari served over Romesco, a red pepper almond sauce. I had high expectations for fried calamari, which I love and order practically every time I see it on the menu. And the plate arrived looking very promising. However, it didn't live up to my expectations, because the calamari were too tough to be cut into that thickness. It was difficult to chew through all of it, even though the Romesco sauce was very tasty. It was a nice change from the usual mayo based dips that come with deep fried calamari.
I've never had a white pizza before (one without tomato sauce), so I was tempted to try one. We picked the house-made sausage pizza with caramelized onions, mozzarella and chili oil.
I loved everything on this pizza, particularly the delicious sausage and sweet caramelized onions. The slightly charred crust was nice and thin. I wished for more toppings, but I don't think Neapolitan pizza are supposed to be loaded with toppings. Surprisingly, I didn't miss the tomato sauce at all! This was my favorite of the two pizzas that we ordered.
We had ordered enough food already, and didn't really need a second pizza. However, after waiting for an hour, we decided to splurge and try a second one. The hot peppers pizza has tomato, house-made sausage and mozzarella. More sausage? How wonderful! This was a very tasty pizza as well, but I actually preferred the white pizza without the tomato sauce.
To round up the $25 prix fixe deal, we opted for the tiramisu as our dessert. This version is more like a creamy pudding with mashed up bits of liquor-soaked cake stirred inside. I absolutely loved it!
Between the two of us, we ordered a lot of food, so naturally we packed the unfinished pizza home. Did the pizza live up to all that hype? I'm not quite sure I can say that it's the best pizza I've ever had, but it certainly would rank in the top 5!
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