April 1, 2011

Birthday Celebrations (Part II) @ Shanghai Cowgirl

Part II of the double birthday celebration took place at Shanghai Cowgirl, a self-proclaimed "Rock and Roll diner". I initially envisioned this place as a run-down diner, but the restaurant turned out to be a lot nicer than expected. In fact, I really liked the grungy funky art décor and the rustic wooden flooring. 
This time around, the party was a lot bigger, so I was only able to sample the food from one side of the table. Three of my friends decided to order the Philly Cheese with shaved beef, onions and swiss cheese, and this particular plate came with a side of chili fries. My friend expressed that the chili fries were just "okay". I didn't have any of it.
The verdict on the Philly cheesesteak was that it was too salty! I took a bite and shared the same sentiments. One of my friends even had to ask for some ketchup to mask out the saltiness. It was definitely one of the inferior entrées of the night.
The perogi, stuffed with cheddar and potato, were the highlight of my meal. We ordered it with bacon, onions and sour cream, and trust me, there was a LOT of sour cream. Seriously, everything was drenched in sour cream, but perhaps that was what made it so unbelievably delicious. We all agreed that the perogi were amazing, and I would come back just for them!
I'd been genuinely excited about ordering the triple decker grilled cheese with harvati, jalapeño and avocado. I mean, can any grilled cheese sound more enticing than that? However, this grilled cheese didn't live up to my expectations, mostly because I thought that there wasn't enough cheese, although I did get a lot of heat from the jalapeño. All in all, still a good sandwich, just not an amazing one. The side of sweet tater fries were even more disappointing. I'd read very good reviews on Shanghai Cowgirl's sweet potato fries, so I was surprised to see these fries were so thin and sad-looking. I wish they had been served hotter, but we did have a very large party that day.
My friend opted for David's favourite ghetto chicken with fried mushrooms and gravy. Who's David? I have no clue. This was not a light fare in any sense, but certainly a tasty indulgence! The crispy chicken was well complemented by the gravy and mashed potato. I preferred this over my grilled cheese.
On the whole, I was not that impressed with the service. I felt that the wait staff was not very attentive to our party. From what I gathered, there were ups and downs with the food, although I was adequately satisfied with my own meal.
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