April 5, 2011

Bar One Cucina

My friend celebrated her birthday with a dinner at Bar One Cucina on Queen Street West. The restaurant boast of its authentic Calabrese offerings. In any case, I thought the entire experience was very disappointing. To start off, we had some simple bread served with olive oil. Believe it or not, I actually think the bread was the best part of my meal.
Tagliatelli with calabrese style bolognese sauce, stewed tomato pork and veal. Nothing was really wrong with this pasta, but it was just rather underwhelming.
I was sold for the Farzzoletti del giorno when I heard that they were filled with Italian sausage and ricotta (and a bunch of other things that I cannot recall). However, this was a major disappointment. The Italian sausage was really weird, and the tomato sauce was just bland. The only redeeming factor was the ricotta, which is one of my favourite cheeses. With so many gems on Queen West to try out, I don't think I'll be returning to Bar One anytime soon.
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