March 22, 2011

Winterlicious @ Jump

Let the Winterlicious journey begin! I literally spent hours poring over the Winterlicious menus to decide which restaurants I'm going to. This year, I have a super busy schedule because of school at Waterloo, so I could only do Winterlicious for one weekend. So unfortunately, I had to cram 3 Winterlicious meals into one weekend. First up on my list, lunch at Jump. I picked Jump because I'm a fan of O&B, but also because the menu enticed me.
Unfortunately, parking is ridiculously expensive on Wellington Street, so we ended up parking at Eatons and just walking there. As a result, we were an hour late for our reservation, but thankfully they got as a table after a mere 10 minute wait. Jump has a very industrial feel compared to the other O&B restaurants.
Normally, I rarely spend $20 (before tax) on lunch. But I'm a sucker for prix fixe menus.
The bread basket looked good, and I noticed that they use the same container as O&B Cafe Grill. However, the bread was a little cold, although the roasted red pepper dip was delicious.
Wild and Tame Mushroom Soup with no less than six kinds of mushrooms (no butter or cream) had many chunky pieces of mushroom in it. I actually prefer my mushroom soup a little smoother.
Canadian Rock Crab Cake with smoked red pepper sauce, celeriac and heirloom carrot slaw was pretty good. I usually see crab cakes paired with mayonnaise, so it was quite refreshing to have this one with a healthier dip. The crab cake had generous chunks of tasty crab, which were highly enjoyable.
Pulled BBQ Beef Short Rib Sandwich with caramelized onions, horseradish mayo, creamy coleslaw and smoky kettle chips was the reason I chose to dine at Jump. The pulled beef short ribs were, as expected, absolutely succulent! The caramelized onions were heavenly complements to the delectable meat. I also tried topping the sandwich with some of the accompanying coleslaw, which added an extra crunchy tang. The BBQ chips on the side were also very fresh and tasty. I was very happy to finish this entire plate for lunch.
Sicilian Cannoli with vanilla cream and Tia Maria chocolate ganache dip. Not really a fan of cannoli because it reminds me of Chinese egg rolls, which I prefer.
Honey Crisp Apple and Cranberry Crostata with mascarpone mousse crema was more of my cup of tea. Loved the mascarpone mousse which added a lovely creaminess to the layered concoction.
When the waiter saw me with my camera, he offered to take a picture for us, which was very nice of him.
All in all, it was a lovely lunch to start my Winterlicious experience this year. Portions were unexpectedly large, and we were extremely satisfied with the meal.
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