March 10, 2011

Toei Delights

Toei Delights is our go-to Japanese place in Macau, since they are right across the street. We dined here multiple times in our short trip, so we had the chance to sample a wide range of dishes. They also have a food court location at the Venetian, so we also ate there once when we were shopping at the casino mall. The first picture is the beef ramen, which was pretty good.
Fried pumpkin croquettes attracted my attention immediately, since I love anything deep fried. It was rich, creamy and extremely satisfying (in a greasy way). The mayo dip was a lovely accompaniment. Mayo + deep fried anything = delicious!

 My mom and I share a great love for sea urchin, but it's rather expensive. Toei Delights offers reasonably priced sea urchin, so we've came here just to have sea urchin on multiple occasions. It was fresh, creamy, and delicious. However, we had to ask them to give us some fresh seaweed, since the ones that came with the sea urchin were wilted. Service isn't always the greatest here, but at least the quality of the food is quite consistent.
For another meal, I enjoyed the tonkatsu don lunch set, which came with miso soup and a side Japanese salad. Their lunch sets are very reasonably priced, but regrettably, they stopped offering it the week before Christmas. I was very sad about that.

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