March 10, 2011

Random Eats @ Macau

I had a chance to indulge in many festive eats during the holiday season. One of my obsession was just to walk into bakeries and admire the different kind of buns they have! This snow man chocolate bun is my favourite!
Cheese bun shaped into a candy cane
Can't go to Macau without eating Portuguese egg tarts (pastel de nata). Portuguese egg tarts have a crème brûlée-like consistency, caramelized in a puff pastry case. I have a huge obsession with these egg tarts and I ate this for breakfast everyday! These particular ones were from a bakery in China and they were so delicious! I would fly to Macau just to eat this!
Lord Stow's Bakery supposedly sells the best Portuguese egg tarts in Macau. At $8 MOP each, they're a lot more pricier than the average egg tart you find in other bakeries.
Notice that the egg tarts from Lord Stow's Bakery are larger and have a higher custard-to-puff pastry ratio. The custard is also more caramelized. So how do these compare to the other ones? My mom and I both prefer the $2 MOP version from the cheap bakery in China!
In Hong Kong Disneyland, I was starving. But the only appealing thing was this cute Mickey cheesecake! So that's what I got, and it was pretty good!
More buns... this one is a charcoal croissant...and I actually bought one to try out. It tasted pretty much like a regular croissant.
These look good, but I didn't try any.
I took a picture of this because I thought the translation was funny... for those of you who can't read literally says "don-lut"
More egg tarts!
Everything just looked so good!
I wish Chinese bakeries in Canada have that many variations!


  1. The snowman chocolate bun is my favourite, too!

    My boyfriend told me that "doughnut" in China was sweet, sweet circle. LOL



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