March 14, 2011

Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill @ Bayview Village

We wanted to eat pasta one day so we planned to try out Il Fornello at Bayview Village. Unfortunately, the restaurant was booked that day for a private party, so we settled for O&B Cafe Grill. Because I wasn't hungry, we shared an appetizer and an entree. The appetizer was Wellington County Beef Sliders, with Monterey Jack, braised veal, chipotle mayo, and served with a side of house made potato crisps. Interestingly, they use a different kind of bun than the location at Waterloo. I've previously had this appetizer with kaiser buns, whereas here they served it on the same kind of free bread that preceded our meal. I personally prefer this kind of bread, and the slider was quite filling for an appetizer. The potato crips were, as promised, very thin and crispy, albeit extremely salty.
Still craving the pasta that I wanted, we ordered the O&B Macaroni and Cheese with aged white cheddar. We opted out from the goat cheese (yuck!) and added mushroom and spinach. I highly enjoyed this gourmet mac and cheese, particularly the crispy, baked part of the macaroni. It was very satisfying.
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