March 7, 2011

Mi-Ne Sushi

Normally, I prefer ordering sushi a la carte. However,I haven't had conveyor belt sushi since the last time I visited Japan. After reading some positive reviews on Mi-Ne Sushi, I decided to give it a try.
We find sushi in Hong Kong on the pricier side, so we tried to order with restraint. Honestly, I think half the fun from eating conveyor belt sushi is being able to pick the plates up straight from the belt. It was actually kind of hard to concentrate on eating when I'm constantly scouting the belt for something special. Of course, if you don't see the dish you want, you can always order it and they'll make it for you. But what's the fun in that?
Ordinary salmon sushi. For some reason, it's cheaper when there's that onion stuff on top...
Deep fried oyster! Unfortunately, this wasn't fresh out of the fryer and seem to have sat on the conveyor belt for awhile. I should've known better to order it to be freshly made. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this with the mayo dip.
Don't remember what roll this is...but it has avocado and my favourite bbq eel! So it must've been very good. I believe I ordered this a la carte.
I also ordered a simple salad in an attempt to be healthier. This was also very refreshing and tasty.
More salmon! We love salmon, so we can't get enough.
Dynamite rolls is always a favourite, so I couldn't resist getting this as well.
This was my absolute favourite item of the night. It's basically salmon that's been lightly seared, wrapped around some veggies and more salmon. I really loved the fattiness from the semi-cooked salmon. The combination was delectable and I wish I could've eaten more of this!
Salmon and avocado hand roll was very fresh as we saw the chef assemble this right in front of our eyes.
Overall, it was a satisfying meal. I think we could've ordered more, as it actually wasn't as expensive as I anticipated it to be. The food was very fresh and tasty, and I would recommend this place to anyone who wants conveyor belt sushi in Hong Kong.



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