March 29, 2011

Lunch @ Delica Kitchen

I ventured to Delica Kitchen for a quick lunch right before my spa appointment midtown. The tiny restaurant was quaint and charming, specializing in quick, healthy lunch fares. I imagined that if I live or work around here, I would come here a lot for lunch! 
It was a cold, cold day, so we opted for a piping hot cup of chili, which was aptly named the Heart of Darkness. The chili was rich with generous chunks of hand cut beef and black beans. If I would've been very full had I eaten the entire cup.
The restaurant offered an assortment of pre-assembled sandwiches. Most of them can be reheated, with certain panini style sandwiches are pressed in the grill. We took a long time to decide on our order.
In the end, we opted for the Parisienne: Smoked Ham, Gruyere cheese, Bosc Pear, roasted garlic aioli, and Dijon on White Flute. I was not disappointed with the sandwich. The ingredients tasted fresh and wholesome, and the mustard added an extra tang to the flavour profile that really elevated the sandwich. We got it with a side sweet potato and jalapeno soup, which was also quite enjoyable.
For dessert, we couldn't resist the strawberry jammie, a baked doughnut swirled with strawberry jam. In truth, the strawberry jammie was more like a muffin to me, but I imagine it would have been a lot tastier fresh out of the oven.
All the baked goods are on display behind the glass counter. I was also sorely tempted to try a homemade oreo.
Ended off a satisfying lunch with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellow. yum...
Nothing pleases me more than a hot and satisfying lunch on a cold, cold day. I wish some place like Delica Kitchen would open where I live. Alas, quaint, higher-than-average priced sandwich shops don't really have much of a market in Scarborough.
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  1. This place looks wonderful!

    I agree; there should be a location in Scarborough!



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