March 13, 2011

Litoral Restaurant 海灣餐廳

This post is an amalgamation of two meals that I had at Litoral Restaurant. The first time I dined here was at the beginning of my trip, during which I was very ill from the absurdly cold weather. As a result, I wasn't able to enjoy much of the food, even though I vaguely remember that it was an excellent meal. Therefore, I had my mind set on returning for another meal at the end of my trip. 
As usual, we got some portuguese buns to start. These 豬仔包 were delicious, but best I had on this trip were still the ones from Fernando.
Cod fish cakes (馬介休魚球) was way too salty for my liking. Or maybe I was just too sick to take that much salt.
Caldo Verde (茨茸青菜湯) is another standard that we always order. This version isn't particularly memorable.
On the other hand, the clams with garlic white wine sauce (西洋炒蜆) made a huge impression on me, despite my illness. The sauce was extremely delicious and rich with seafood flavours. The clams, soaked up in the tasty sauce, were highly enjoyable, and regrettably I was only able to stomach a few. In my sickened state, I jealously watched my grandpa mop up the whole plate. 
My dad got his usual salada mista (雜菜沙律). I think I ate all the tomatoes...
Grilled short ribs (燒牛肋骨) is my mother's favourite, and for a good reason. The meat is succulent and expertly grilled to perfection.
Baked pork chop rice (焗豬扒飯) was absolutely divine. I've eaten several versions of baked pork chop rice on this trip alone, and this version is splendidly executed. The minced ham added a great dimension to the fried rice and everything just soaked in the wonderful flavour of the tomato sauce. The fried pork chop had just the right amount of fat. I was more than happy to finish the leftovers for lunch the next day.
Charcoal grilled fish (炭燒魚) was another dish that I hardly remember because I was so sick. Everyone else told me that it was pretty good though. I'm curious about what that sauce is, but I honestly cannot recall.
From here on, everything was from my second meal at this restaurant, and I remember the food a lot more clearly. I was tired of having the caldo verde at every meal, so I ordered a shrimp soup in loaf (忌廉蝦湯) instead, due to my love for bread bowls. The soup was very rich and tasty, though I wasn't able to finish all that bread.
My father insisted on ordering the curry chicken (咖哩雞), although I really wanted the African chicken. To me, the curry chicken tasted pretty ordinary, and I really would've liked something more unique. In addition, it was also not spicy enough for my liking. Well, at least my dad seemed to have enjoyed it a lot...
Seafood rice (海鮮飯) was more like a casserole of stewed rice...rather than a paella which I had envisioned. I'm personally not a fan of rice that's cooked this way, so I probably won't be getting this again in the future.
Baked crab meat (炸蟹蓋) was very adorable with olives as eyes. I enjoyed the creamy crab meat stuffing wholeheartedly, although it was a touch too rich. Perhaps that's why it came with a side salad for balance. But the dish was definitely a winner in my books.
Grilled cod fish with garlic and potato (烤馬介休) was surprisingly good. I didn't mind the salt this time, and the garlic flakes greatly enhanced the flavours of the fish. Even though grilled potatoes were delicious, albeit being drenched in olive oil. I notice that Portuguese cooking uses a lot of olive oil...
Egg yolk souffle (蛋白梳乎厘) was gorgeously puffed up in a spectacular way! I'm not crazy over souffles, but I ordered this because it was a great feast for the eye.
It was two very festive and lovely meals, and I was very glad to have a chance to return. I'll be thinking about all the food I ate and always looking forward the next time I visit Macau again.
Litoral Restaurant 海灣餐廳

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