March 8, 2011

Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon

I wanted to have afternoon tea at le salon de thé de Joël Robuchon, but alas, it was all sold out. I must remember to go extra early next time! Or maybe secretly I was happy because by this point of my trip, I've lost the ability to feel hungry, and I definitely would not be able to stomach a whole tea set AND have dinner later that night. Buy anyway, I wouldn't miss the chance to enjoy some cake.
Pistachio: chocolate and pistachio cake. I don't remember tasting too much pistachio, but the cake was very chocolatey.
Exotique: white chocolate and passion fruit cake. This was my favourite of the two. I loved the fruitiness of the cake, which complemented the creaminess of the white chocolate really well. Can't wait to try the afternoon tea set next time!
Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon



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