March 9, 2011

金牌小龍 King's Dumpling

I made a reservation at a fancy Japanese restaurant 3 weeks before New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned, and we ended up being stuck at Tsim Sha Tsui on NYE. So we settled on eating more Shanghainese pork dumplings... yes this was my third meal having 小龍包 for my week in Hong Kong. Since it was NYE, we did have to wait awhile. I even contemplated on returning to Tonkichi for dinner, even though I just had lunch there. But they only offered a crazy expensive NYE menu, so we settled with King's Dumpling.
I've never had meat and chives potstickers (韮王鍋貼) like this before, where it's all stuck together. I am aware that some places make it like that, so it was interesting to try it out. I enjoyed the crispy bottom of the potstickers quite a a lot.
The other side was not as crispy, of course, but these tasted pretty good with chili oil.
Spicy wonton with shrimp (蝦肉紅油抄手) was not that memorable. I remember only eating two pieces of this.
Out of curiosity, I ordered one chives bun (蔥燒大包) to share between two.
The filling was quite tasty, and I can never pass up on buns.
The best of the evening was definitely pork dumpling with Chinese mitten crab roe (大閘蟹小龍包), which was on for special because mitten crabs were in season. I've never had Chinese mitten crab until this year, because they're always out of season whenever I visit Asia. The crab roe is superior and tastier than any that I've had before, and that really elevated the pork dumplings. Skin and soup wise... I still prefer the one from Crystal Jade more.
Three cup chicken (三杯雞) is a Taiwanese specialty that I like. The sauce was delicious, but unfortunately the chicken had too many bones and it became annoying to eat after awhile. All in all, I was decently satisfied with my NYE dinner, although I still wish I could have dined at that Japanese restaurant instead... oh well, sometimes plans change and you have to roll with it.
金牌小龍 King's Dumpling



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