March 26, 2011

Dinner @ Wildcraft

For Valentine's Day, Wildcraft was all booked, so I had to settle with eating at the Keg. Don't get me wrong, I love the Keg, but Wildcraft always holds a special place in my heart. The decor and ambiance is so elegant and comfortable, and service is always excellent. To make up for my disappointment, I dined here at the start of my reading week. This time, we got seated at a booth near the magnificent fireplace, which I was very pleased about.
At the center of the restaurant is a spectacular wine display. Too bad I don't usually drink wine with dinner. Perhaps I should try doing that, as I'm sure they have a very good collection.
The first time I came here, I was presented with a very impressive bread basket. This time, we were served some rather ordinary bread in comparison. Curiously, I spotted that spectacular looking bread basket at some other tables. I wonder why we got a normal one this time. In spite of this, I thought this bread actually tasted better, particularly the multigrain bread. I believe their bread comes from the Bauer Bakery, their sister restaurant's in-house bakery.
From the appetizer menu, we ordered the baked spinach and artichoke dip, with reggiano, pecorino, cream cheese, garlic and garlic cream sauce. The dip was served with Bauer Bakery sour dough bread. I recently discovered that pecorino is made from sheep's milk. Had I known that, I definitely would not have gotten it, since I can't stand goat milk. However, I couldn't detect any goat cheese, so all was good. The dip was strangely watery with large chunks of spinach and artichokes. It tasted pretty good, but I would prefer a thicker consistency. I also wish I ate less bread from the basket as the accompanying sour dough bread was also very delicious and heavy.
Out of the chicken courses, our server recommended the pan roasted chicken supreme, with sautéed fingerling potatoes, spinach, prosciutto, shiitake mushrooms accompanied with scallion white wine cream sauce. This was a successful dish overall. The sauce and all the accompanying sides were delicious, particularly the sauce-soaked spinach. I found that the chicken was slightly too tough for my liking, but I enjoyed the crispy golden char from the pan roast.
This was my second time ordering the steak and French onion flatbread, featuring marinated grilled sirloin, caramelized Spanish onion, roasted mushrooms, roasted garlic purée and three cheeses. I am quite in love with Wildcraft's flatbread because it's incredibly thin! Surprisingly, I found that there were too much steak! I wished for more onions and less meat, but I wouldn't hesitate to order this again in the future! Wildcraft was a great start for my week of feasting (instead of reading!)
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