March 10, 2011

Dim Sum @ 金悅軒 (Part II)

Came back to this place for dim sum before the end of my trip. Once again, the food was wonderful and I stuffed myself silly. First up, Jiaozi stuffed with bean seedling and scallop (碧綠豆苗帶子餃).
My mother wanted to order the country style stuffed green pepper (家鄉煎釀青椒). I think the ones she makes at home taste better.
Leeks and fresh shrimp rice rolls (韭黃鮮蝦腸). Once again, the rice noodle rolls were velvety smooth and the shrimp was very fresh. A great combination of texture and flavour.
Salty cakes (咸水角) is ironically sweet. Salty cakes are on many dim sum menus, but I've never had this before. I ended up discovering that I really liked the sweet and savoury combination. I'll certainly be seeking this out in other dim sum restaurants in the future.
Yellow custard buns (特色沙皇包) was very good. The bun was fluffy, and the interior custard filling was piping hot and delicious. One of my all time favourites.
Steamed pork ribs with garlic and pumpkin (豉蒜南瓜蒸排骨) is not something that I ordinarily like to order. I didn't eat too much of this to comment on it. I did remember that the pumpkin was quite excellent.
Boiled pork tripe in pepper and pickled vegetable soup (胡椒咸菜湯浸豬肚) was also chosen by my mother. I liked the veggies in the soup quite a lot, but I'm not a huge fan of pork tripe cooked this way.
Fried rice roll with XO sauce (XO 煎腸粉) was simply divine! I couldn't eat enough of this! The fried rice roll was done really well and had a lot "wok hei", an important element in Chinese fried dishes. The XO sauce had excellent flavours and this was one of my favourite dishes of the meal.
Specialty chicken rice in steamer (籠仔遠雞蒸飯) was also a hit. The lingering fragrance from the chicken made the rice delectable! It didn't even need the accompanying soy sauce. Although I didn't eat much of the chicken itself, the entire dish, as a whole, was a success. I absolutely love rice in these steamer baskets!
Jin Yue specialty sweet cake (金悅煎甜薄撑) was a very interesting dessert that resembled crepe, rolled up with nuts and sugar. I loved the crunchiness of the nuts and the chewiness of the sweet cake. All in all, I'm appalled by how much cheaper dim sum is in Macau than in Canada. But luckily, I definitely got my dim sum craving satisfied in this trip!


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