March 13, 2011

Cathay Pacific Plane Food (Part II)

Alas! My wonderful trip is over. Back on the plane with more plane food. As soon as I boarded the flight, I was served a special drink- the Oriental Breeze: a sour-plum tea and cranberry juice based non-alcoholic drink with honey and fresh lemon juice and a hint of rose water. It tasted like cranberry juice.
Later, I enjoyed a screwdriver along with crunchy almonds to snack on while they were preparing the rest of my meal.
The first course for the first meal was Creole salmon with roasted kipfler potatoes and creme fraiche. The fish was a little tough, but once again I enjoyed the warm garlic bread that was served.
More my main, I chose the eggplant and garlic agnolotti with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and saffron cream sauce. The flavours were decent, but I wasn't a fan of the citrus peel garnish because it was too bitter.
Dessert was chocolate and caramel mousse cake with vanilla sauce. As usual, it was way too sweet and the texture was a little off. At least the coffee that I got was pretty good.
The first meal ended with a passion fruit macaron.
In the middle of the flight, I decide to take advantage of being in the business class and order a snack. I chose Cookies & Chocolate flavoured Haagen-Dazs ice cream. It was an awesome snack!
Right before we landed, we were served the second meal, starting with some fresh seasonal fruit and tasty garlic bread. This time, they gave me two pieces.
None of the entree options appealed to me, so I got a snack for my entree instead, since I wasn't hungry. These are assorted sandwiches: Beef pastrami with rocket mayonnaise, watercress with egg salad, smoked salmon with lemon cream cheese. All in all, the sandwiches were pretty bland, predictably. My favourite one was probably the smoked salmon one, just peeking out from the back.
My last dessert was a fruit gateau with passion fruit cream and raspberry coulis. The "crust" of the cake was way too dry. But all in all, it was a decent meal on a plane, and I greatly enjoyed the service.



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