March 8, 2011

Brunch @ Congee Wonderland (知粥嘗樂)

We had brunch at a random restaurant near where I stayed. Even though this place is supposed to be famous for its congee, I was in a mood for fried, greasy goodness! So obviously I ordered my favourite rice noodle wrapped fried dough (炸兩). I liked how the entire bottles of sweet dip and peanut dip are right at the table for you. I love smothering my 炸兩 with the sauces! On the down side, the rice noodle roll was very thin, and I usually prefer a higher rice noodle roll to fried dough ratio.
Pork chop and chicken fillet over rice, served with black pepper sauce (黑椒汁雜排飯) was very creatively presented! This dish really brought back memories of my childhood, because I used to love black pepper sauce. This was really delicious and enjoyable.
But we still weren't completely satisfied. So I scanned the menu again and spotted something called 牛俐腸, which is rice noodle roll wrapped around ox-tongue pastry (牛俐酥). Of course, I just had to order this because I'm obsessed with ox-tongue pastry! If you can wrap rice noodle around fried bread dough, it seems so obvious that you should wrap it around ox-tongue pastry too! As expected, this was delectable and I really wish they serve it somewhere in Toronto.
Congee Wonderland (知粥嘗樂)


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