March 29, 2011

Birthday Celebrations (Part I) @ Le Select Bistro

Two of my dearest friends celebrated their birthdays during reading week, and I had the lovely pleasure of spending some wonderful time with my girls. The celebrations actually spanned over two days, and for the first night, we had a classy, intimate dinner at Le Select Bistro. The restaurant was very elegant and gave off a warm, European vibe. In spite of this, I still felt woefully overdressed!
Back in Montreal, I had some horrid experience with bone marrow, so I dare not try any of my friend's l'os de crô-magnon, which translates as Neanderthalesque bone marrow. I think she enjoyed it quite a lot. But just the sight of this brought back some stomach-turning memories of my experience with bone marrow.
For myself, I opted for the old classic soupe à l'oignon gratinée. You can't go wrong with a rich, cheesy, French onion soup. Of course, the soup was lovely and I ate a lot of bread along with it. I was already feeling full after finishing all that cheese!
My other order was the vol-au-vent d'escargots: escargots in puff pastry with leeks, cream, white wine, and fresh herbs. I loved the pairing of the puff pastry, escargot and the white wine cream sauce together. It was very rich indeed, but equally delicious at the same time.
Both the birthday girls ordered steak frites, but I only took picture of this one: Pavé de bœuf «au poivre», 8 oz centre cut filet, green peppercorn sauce with Brandy and cream. The sauce was absolutely delectable and the meat was perfectly tender and juicy. I mooched off a lot of the thin-cut fries, and they were very satisfying.
Because it was my friends' birthday, the restaurant kindly offered us two desserts on the house. They even thoughtfully wrote '"Happy Birthday" on the plate! This was the tarte au citron, and it had an intense lemon flavour. I'm not the greatest fan of lemony desserts, but it was still pretty enjoyable.
My favourite, however, was undoubtedly the vanilla crème brulée. It was perfectly creamy and not overly sweet. The birthday girl really loved it too (and that's all that matters)! All in all, Le Select was a real gem and all of us had a great time. The food was excellent and service was very good, albeit a little slow at times. Nonetheless, I would definitely return for future special occasions.
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  1. your friend Alexandra is very cute !

  2. your friend Alexandra is very cute !



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