January 19, 2011

法蘭度餐廳 Restaurante Fernando

I've eaten at Restaurante Fernando quite a couple of times in the past and I had no idea it was so popular. My dad usually likes to come here because he can find parking spots here (parking is a big deal). I find the rusticity of this restaurant very charming, even if that means minimal air conditioning in the summer.
Since the restaurant didn't take reservations, we had to wait a short while before we can enjoy our dinner.
Fernando has the best bread that I had on this trip, and that's saying a lot since practically every restaurant I went to in Macau served this kind of bread (I hear that the bread is made in-house). The exterior was perfectly crispy while the inside is hot and soft. The combination is delicious, and I ate a lot of bread in accompaniment with the soup and sauce..
Simple vegetable salad dressed with vinegar and olive oil. The salad was very refreshing.
Caldo Verde is the standard soup we get at most Portuguese restaurants. Again, it tasted very good with the bread.
Charcoal-grilled garlic short ribs (蒜蓉燒排骨) has always been my mom's favourite. I am quite in love with this dish myself. The charcoal grill method adds an irresistible smokey aroma to the beef, and the combination is just delectable! A squeeze of lemon juice completes the dish in the most perfect way. I also couldn't get enough of those thick, oily potato fries...yum...
But Fernando is perhaps best known for their Portuguese-style roasted suckling pig (燒乳豬). It's absolutely scrumptious! The roasted crispy skin contrasts perfectly with the melt-in-your-melt melange of fat and meat. Add some delicious greens and more of those oily fries? What can I say? It's a (very  unhealthy) match made in heaven.
I still can't stop thinking about the Shrimp in Clam Sauce (蜆汁蝦). The garlicky sauce was rich with that wonderful seafood flavour from the clams. Never mind that the shrimps were very fresh and juicy, that killer sauce could elevate any dish to a new level!
After the shrimp were all gone, I mopped up a lot of the sauce with the aforementioned delicious bread. It was an extremely heavy but equally satisfying meal. I can't wait to go back to Fernando the next time I go to Macau!
Restaurante Fernando



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