January 13, 2011

November Game Meal @ Bier Markt

I rarely eat game, so when Bier Markt offered a game menu for November, I couldn't wait to try it out. My friend got the Elk Chop: 12oz bone-in Alberta Elk chop grilled med-rare, mashed Ontario yam, baby turnips, roasted beets with cherry reduction. The rich sauce somewhat masks the "gamey" flavour of the meat. I quite enjoyed this from the 2 bites that I had, but the root vegetables felt a little like Chinese food done wrong.
I chose something from the brunch menu, the Monte Cristo: egg-dipped challah bread with emmental cheese and smoked turkey, served with maple syrup. This was a delight! I absolutely loved the combination of the sweet and the savoury (like eating french toast with a ham and cheese!), and the smokiness from the meat added a wonderful kick to the sandwich. And plus, maple syrup makes everything taste better =D
Pumpkin Cheesecake spiced creme fouette, toasted walnuts croquant. This dessert was awesome and made our day! The pumpkin flavour really came through, and the creaminess of the cake was well-balanced by the crunchy nut coating. Bonus points for pretty plating! Too bad they don't have this dessert all year round!
All gone!
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