January 13, 2011

Dim Sum @ 嘉年華酒樓

I have this thing for dim sum. I can't get enough of it. I can go dim sum everyday because you can order so many varieties of dishes! What can I say? I'm obsessed. My dim sum quest started with a restaurant that's really close to where I live.First up, the salad seafood roll (沙律海鮮卷). The salad means miracle whip, and the only seafood in this is shrimp. Nevertheless, it was delicious! Oh gosh, I just love cheap dim sum!
To the left, we have fried cuttlefish patty (雙脆墨魚餅). I ordered this because almost every other table did. And to the right, we have the pumpkin patty (南瓜餅)
Fried Milk (大鮮奶). More deep-fried goodness! (I tend to gravitate towards the "fried" section in a dim sum menu)
Pan-fried leek dumpling (香韭菜餃). An all-time favourite and really hard to mess up.
Sweet Custard Bun (流包). This was the only disappointing dish of the day. There was too much bun and too little filling, and the custard filling wasn't really in a molten state. I thought this was more of a 奶皇飽.
Shrimp and spinach dumpling (鮮蝦菠菜餃). This was surprisingly good, because the spinach in the filling was sauteed beforehand, so it had a great flavour.
Shrimp spring roll rice noodle roll (鮮蝦春腸). The spring roll's crunch was a great textural contrast to the noodle roll. Even though the noodle roll itself wasn't extremely velvety and smooth, it was still really delicious. We all enjoyed this dish a lot. 


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