January 19, 2011

Dim Sum @ 金悅軒 (Part I)

I really enjoyed the dim sum at this restaurant. The food is priced slightly higher, but I think it was worth it! I liked it so much I came back for a second time at the end of my trip. We start with Stuffed sausage with specialty vegetables and barbecued pork (梅菜皇叉燒腸). The combination turned out to be very tasty, and the rice noodle roll was velvety smooth. Even the two pieces of veggie tasted really fresh.
Chaozhou style glutinous rice (潮州糯米卷). The glutinous rice was on the sweeter side, but overall still an enjoyable dish.
Superior shrimp dumplings (金悅蝦餃皇). What differentiates the har gow here is that they have soup inside. I wouldn't say the dumpling necessarily tasted better with soup, but it was an interesting twist to an old classic.
Steamed olive sponge cakes (欖仁馬拉糕). Brown sugar was used to make this extra-soft sponge cake, and as a result, it tasted super mega delicious! It brought out a great nutty flavour and the bits of olives added an interesting textural component to the cake.
Pork dumplings (蟲草花燒賣皇) were generic but delicious nevertheless. The meat was really juicy.
Pan-fried vegetable and meat bun (生煎菜肉包) can't really go wrong in my books. However, the bun wasn't as fluffy as I'd hoped it to be.
Diced chicken crispy taro pie (雞粒蜂巢芋角) was another well-executed dish. The taro was crispy and the whole thing wasn't overly greasy.
The last to arrive was boiled vermicelli in fish soup (魚湯三鮮米線). The fish broth was really rich and delicious. Since I wasn't very fond of vermicelli, I drank a lot of the soup instead! It was the perfect ending to the meal.


  1. Can you tell me where this is?

    1. This restaurant is located in Macau. The Address is 新口岸宋玉生廣場699-707A號富澤園大厦.



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