January 13, 2011

Cathay Pacific plane food (part I)

I'm lucky enough to be upgraded to the business class for my flight to Hong Kong (on Cathay Pacific). I must say, the service is really impressive, and I almost didn't want my flight to end. As soon as we boarded, we're offered free champagne! What a lovely way to start a flight!
The business class has its own menu and wine list! It's almost like a restaurant!
Free snack to accompany our drink. The almonds were surprisingly crunchy and tasty. Somehow, I always expect bad, soggy snacks from flights.
Just for fun, I ordered a Cathay Delight, a kiwifruit based non-alcoholic drink with coconut juice and a touch of fresh mint. This was quite tasty, and the mint was a delightful addition. I would've preferred the drink to be slightly more chilled though.
The starter for the first meal was Gravlax with Honey Mustard Sauce, accompanied by a Mixed Salad with sundried-tomato and oregano dressing (by kraft). We were also served warm bread for the meal, and I chose garlic bread, something that I like almost by default. I don't remember tasting any honey mustard sauce, and the smoked salmon itself had that subtle, unpleasant fishy flavour. However, for a plane meal, this is already very good.
For my main, I chose Tri-bucatini pasta with tomato herb sauce, shiitake mushroom, baby vegetables and Parmesan cheese. I'm not going to be overly judgmental on the quality of the pasta, as it is still plane food. The flavour combination was great, although slightly under seasoned. Overall, I liked this quite a lot.  
My mother went for the Braised pork with black vinegar, egg-fried rice, pak choy and black mushroom. Again, the quality of the pork was not amazing but the flavour was pretty good. I particulary liked the tangy black vinegar sauce.
Some fresh fruit to cleanse the palate before dessert.
Dark chocolate cake with mascarpone cream. This was way too sweet, and the milk tea sucked.
Right before landing, we were served a second meal. This time, the starter was fresh seasonal fruits, and once again I got some trusty garlic bread.
I like to stay away from Chinese food on board, so I opted for the pasta dish again. This time, it was stuffed gnocchi with roasted red pepper sauce, grilled zucchini and pine nuts. I really enjoyed the sauce, and the zucchini were very good. However, the pine nuts were soggy. This would have been a very successful dish had they found a way to keep the pine nuts crunchy.
My mother got braised chicken with abalone and mushroom, accompanied with steamed rice and kailan. I didn't try any of this, so I can't comment on the how it tasted.
Dessert was pecan pie with mascarpone and glazed orange peel. This was, once again, too sweet, but tasted better than the chocolate cake. I learned from my previous mistake and got coffee this time, and it tasted much better. Overall, I'm quite impressed with the quality of food that was served for this flight, as airplane food are usually really awful (I used to starve myself on these flights because I would throw up everything I eat). I was quite sad when my flight came to an end.



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