December 7, 2010

Linda Restaurant @ Shops at Don Mills

Since Salad King is still closed after that wall collapsed, we have to settle with Linda to satisfy our thai cravings. Linda is the more upscale sister restaurant to everyone's favourite thai cheap eat spot downtown. Located at Shops at Don Mills (my new favourite mall for dining), it's really quite a lovely place to enjoy a nice dinner, but the prices are considerably higher.
The decor is very elegant, featuring a large classic Thai temple centerpiece. The restaurant itself isn't that big, but the high ceilings give a sense of spaciousness and adds to the grandeur of the place.

Red wooden panes separates the space into sections. It's an elegant touch that kind of gives the illusion of having some privacy in an open space.
We ordered the pad thai: rice noodles, carrots, peanuts, tofu, green onions, bean sprouts, coriander, egg, fish, and tamarind sauce with chicken. I'm not a fan of the chicken, but loved every other component in it. This is a refined version of my favourite Thai dish, and the flavours are spot on- perfectly sweet and sour. I found it extremely hard to stop myself from having more.
Beef Panang: Tender beef with crispy coating served in Panang Curry
with peanut and coconut milk. I couldn't get enough of the scrumptious curry sauce in this dish. It's hard for curry to stand out for me because I've tried so many variations of it in my life, but this one certainly did. The crusted beef was just so perfect with the incredible sauce. I loved the contrast between the crispy exterior and the tender meat. The curry is moderately spicy, but I wouldn't mind if it had even more heat (I love spicy food).
It was a very enjoyable meal and despite the steeper prices, I would definitely come back to eat the curry beef again.
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