December 8, 2010

Disappointing meal @ Milestones

Milestones is usually one of my favourite chain restaurants, but on this occasion, it was very disappointing. We started with one of my favourite appetizers-Calamari steak strips with andouille sausage ragu: served with spicy sausage tomato caper sauce and preserved lemon aioli. There was nothing wrong with the flavour but the portion was so much smaller than what I usually get here. I'm a bit confused, do they give smaller portions on Thursdays?
Kobe style classic meatloaf: premium kobe style beef topped with lightly fried onion strings over garlic mashed potatoes. Shiitake mushroom au jus and seasonal vegetables. I thought this was actually quite good, and I particularly enjoyed the onion straws. However, I've had better meatloaf in the past, so I probably won't get this in the future here.
Braised Beef Papardelle: pasta tossed with tender braised beef, roasted trio mushroom, Roma tomatoes, and baby wild Arugula in a creamy Fontina cheese sauce. Paired with a toasted herb and garlic Focaccia breadstick. This was horrible! The papardelle had an awful, almost flaky texture and tasted like a cooking experiment gone wrong. I guess the toppings and the meat were alright, but the pasta was just so bad that it overwhelmed everything. The Focaccia breadstick also did not impress me as it was too dried. Maybe I won't get any of Milestones' seasonal items in the future.


  1. Nice blog!
    I'm always looking for new places to try out in Toronto!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Milestones's... It's usually better, right?

    Maybe it takes them time to perfect dishes.



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