November 13, 2010

Harvest Menu @ Canyon Creek

I love the impeccable service that I get at Canyon Creek. We always order one entree to split but the servers are so gracious about it. They also have one of my favourite breads from chain restaurants- multigrain served with honey butter. I love honey butter and I always can't resist eating a lot of bread whenever I'm here.
Harvest Garden Side Salad: A toss of crisp romaine, iceberg, baby lettuce, ripe tomato and homemade croutons with honey mustard dressing. This was our side and the kitchen kindly gave us double servings of it because my mom and I were splitting an entree. It's a nice way to get some vegetables into the meal and the honey mustard dressing was delicious. I also really enjoyed the garlic croutons!
Next to the Keg, Canyon Creek is my go-to chain restaurant for steak and they almost always make it really well. Because I'm not that familiar with steak cuts, I always want to experiment with new ones and try to decipher the differences. This time, I opted for the Chicago-cut Striploin: 10 oz, 2-inch thick steak, brushed with butter and served with Cabernet roasted garlic jus and crisp onion straws. The crispy onion straws were predictably awesome, but I think I believe the more tender filet mignon or prime rib to this cut. We also packed the entire baked potato home untouched, hahaha!
From their limited time harvest menu, I decided to try the Harvest Pumpkin Cheesecake: Topped with cranberry compote, candied walnuts, and finished with Muskoka Iroquois kiln dried cranberries. I asked the server how strong was the pumpkin flavour, because my mom is not a fan of pumpkins. He replied "very very light". It was "very very light" indeed, so light that I can't even taste any pumpkin. It might be more correct to name it a cinnamon cheesecake, because that's what I tasted. Nevertheless, it was absolutely delicious, particularly when paired with the cranberry compote. The sourness of the cranberries countered the sweetness of the cake, and the texture was perfectly creamy without being too thick. This was not the kind of extremely cheesy cheesecakes that my mom adores, but I really loved this cake. I was very sad that this was a seasonal item, and I hope Canyon Creek will offer this again in the future.
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