September 25, 2010

Jardin Nelson @ Montreal

In the heart of Old Montreal, I chose to dine at Le Jardin Nelson, right at le place Jacques-Cartier. The restaurant was literally a garden with a lovely ambiance. There was also a live band playing soft jazz music, which was quite enjoyable. Of course, the main reason why I chose this restaurant was because I had 15% off with the VIP card that my sister signed up for prior to her trip to Montreal. Hahaha!
French onion soup au gratin with emmental: This was possibly the best French onion soup I've ever had, although my hunger at that time might have rendered me biased. I usually love French onion soup anywhere, and this one was particularly memorable and well-made.
The cheese, the croutons and the onions worked in perfect harmony with the rich flavour of the soup. As a cheese-lover, I was quite ecstatic with the generous amount of cheese in the soup. This was definitely the highlight of my meal!
Newburg Crepe: Sweet batter, Newburg sauce, lobster, scampies, shrimps, scallops,
mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I usually like sweet crepes more than savoury crepes, but then I usually can't resist anything with lobster.
I did enjoy the Newburg sauce's intense seafood flavour a lot. I remember there being an abundance of shrimps and scallops, but I wished for more lobsters. On another note, the side salad was a perfect touch that provided a refreshing balance to the dish's heavy flavour.
Roast beef sandwich ''French dip au jus'': Slow roasted prime rib, thinly sliced on a parisian bread
with dipping sauce and roasted potatoes. Out of all of the dishes, this was the most ordinary and uninteresting one. I'm not a fan of this kind of bread, and I thought the "jus" was too much like commercial gravy than a rich meat juice that I prefer.
Pouding chômeur maison et sa verrine de glace vanilleet sirop d’érable pur: Homemade «Pouding chômeur» and its verrine of vanilla ice cream and pure maple syrup (a Quebec favourite). A pouding chômeur literally means poor man's pudding that is similar to bread pudding. This dessert is rich and delicious, but is slightly too sweet. Eating half of this became a little too much. I also wish there was more ice cream, as it was a refreshing contrast to the sweet, dense pudding. Nevertheless, I really loved the ice cream and I'd love to eat this again in the future.
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