September 25, 2010

Au Pied de Cochon @ Montreal

Au Pied de Cochon is the single most raved about restaurant in Montreal. My sister had visited this place and highly recommended it to me. Being an idiot, I made reservations too late and was only able to score a spot at 10:30. Well, I usually eat dinner at 6 at home, but of course I'm willing to sacrifice a lot for good food, so 10:30 it is!
Even at 10:30, the place was super busy. There were still a lot of people waiting for seats. The restaurant was narrow but had a charming, rustic feel. I particularly loved the bustling open kitchen. On a side note, the washroom was somewhat creepy. In front of the toilet, there was a TV which projected what I presumed to be a (black and white) live feed of a barn. Are we to observe the pigs that are to be slaughtered before consuming the meal?
Typical French restaurant, typical bread, but this time with olive oil. This bread was not as good as the one from l'express, but I had a piece because I was simply starving by 10:30!
Foie Gras Cromesquis: We were told to wait two minutes before popping the entire thing into our mouth. Unfortunately, I think I waited a little too long, and the cromesquis was not as hot as I would like it to be. However, I do love the foie gras's intensity and the way that it just melts in your mouth. Definitely a great start to the meal!
Pied de Cochon: I ordered the restaurant's titular dish as my sister had highly recommended it. It was sinfully delicious, thanks to the mustard sauce that I absolutely fell in love with. Although I wasn't a fan of the layer of fat beneath the pig's skin, the meat itself was very tender and juicy. The onions and mushrooms that topped the meat were perfect companions to the dish. With every artery-clogging bite I took, I wanted even more. I almost wanted to lick the plate clean!

Plogue à Champlain: This isn't a great picture, but the dish essentially compose of mashed potato, buckwheat crepe, bacon, cheese, and foie gras, all drenched in decadent maple syrup. I love the sweet and savoury combination, although the maple syrup made the dish taste like breakfast. But really, who can get enough of breakfast?
Dark Chocolate 'Pot de crème': We tried ordering the molten lava cake, but instead they mixed up our order and gave us the dark chocolate pot de crème. Oh well! I'm all for trying new things, and I rather enjoyed the creaminess of this dessert Although I still think I like molten chocolate cake more. After the meal, it was already after midnight, which confused me because the restaurant's website said that it's only opened till midnight. When we left, the restaurant was still pretty busy... All in all, Au Pied de Cochon was a sinfully rich and delicious experience that I can only afford once a year for the benefit of my health,
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  1. If you are a vegetarian do not come here. If you are a meatatarian, you will be in heaven!!

    Great food and fun atmosphere!Not nearly as expensive as I had thought and the food was great.

    Thanks For Sharing..

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