August 8, 2010

Village Creperie

Recently, I found a super charming little restaurant in Kitchener that you can find a taste of Brittany. This place specializes in galettes, which is a type of French savoury buckwheat flour pancakes. Everything here is made with fresh and organic ingredients, and you really can taste the difference.
"Chicken Galette" chicken slow cooked in a white riesling wine sauce with mushrooms and parmesan cheese, topped with sweet green peas. Peas is one of the the things I can't stand, but I still enjoyed this very much because the sauce was super tasty! It was flavourful without being overly salty. The side salad that it came with was also a nice touch. We were told all the ingredients were organic and that the vegetables was from the owner's own garden!
"Eggplant Parm"... Breaded eggplant baked and layered with tomato, gruyere cheese, aged cheddar and parmesan, served with a home salad. This was a more hearty and satisfying entree. Even though the portion was not huge, I very much enjoyed the combination of cheese and breaded eggplant. It kind of feels like eating a lasagna with eggplant instead of the pasta.
We finished the meal with a dessert crepe: Dulce de leche with toasted pecans, topped with fresh fruit. A dessert crepe without ice cream seem so much lighter (and healthier). The dulce de leche was delectable and I would definitely order this again (or one of the other 12 options available)
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