August 7, 2010

Oliver & Bonacini @ Waterloo

I have no clue why O&B would open a location in Waterloo, because this place is so dead. But anyhow, I came here to enjoy a nice meal before the start of exam cramming. We started off with some good bread that was very tasty with butter.
At the recommendation of the server, I got the special order of the day: Tortellini in a basil herb sauce, topped with terragon, parsley, caper, anchovies and lemon zest, accompanied with grilled calamari, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. I think I much prefer cream-based sauces for pasta than oil-based sauces. I'll keep that in mind next time I get pasta.
Sweet Potato Fries: we got this as a side order and the portions were quite generous. I love sweet potato fries and this was delicious, and I even had leftovers to pack home for the next time. Bonus points for the tasty spicy tomato mayo that it was served with!
Wellington County Beef Sliders: Monterey Jack, braised veal & chipotle mayo. This had lamb in it, but the flavours were not that strong so I couldn't really taste it. I just think that mini burgers are so adorable (and delicious)!
Dulce de Leche Panna Cotta: blackberry compote & candied maple walnut. Hehe ever since my last panna cotta experience, I seem to be seeking them out more in restaurants. This was a higher-end version, beautifully presented, and wrapped up the meal nicely because it wasn't too heavy. I particularly enjoyed the candied maple walnuts!
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