August 18, 2010

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Mildred's Temple Kitchen is situated in Liberty Village, a very nice part of town that I've never been to. The interior was very chic and modern, that featuring an open kitchen and a very nice washroom. All in all, I had a very lovely meal here.
First item from the "indulge" section of the menu- Frites: very good for physiological disorder & hangovers, or so the menu says. The delicious, thin and greasy fries were creatively presented in a Coca Cola glass. The accompanying dill dip was not overwhelmingly creamy, and its texture resemble more of yogurt. 
MTK Burger: with tomato relish & tobacco onions. An absolute visual stunner, this burger looked better than it tasted... not that it tasted bad at all. But I guess I burger that looks this good has a lot to live up to.
Octopus: with chorizo, smoked paprika & tomato. I really loved the tomato sauce and was very happy that I was able to soak up all the sauce with the garlic bread that came with it.
Gnocchi poutine: this was definitely a rich indulgence but I absolutely loved the dish. The gnocchi here was much lighter in texture than my previous experience with gnocchi. Beneath all the delicious cheese curbs, there were fatty, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of meat. Yummmmm....
The weekend I went was the wild blueberry festival, so I felt obligated to order something from the special menu. I ended up choosing Wild Blueberry Bread Pudding to finish off the meal. It's hard to find a dessert that I don't like, especially one that involves bread, blueberries and custard! Needless to say, I loved this dessert!
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