August 4, 2010

Lunch @ A La Kitchen

My family wanted shanghai dimsum one day so we ventured out to a new place that we've never tried before, instead of opting for the usual choices (Asian Legend or Ding Tai Fung). This place is very charming, and I was particularly intrigued by the interesting ceiling display of steaming baskets. There was also soothing music playing in the background, which made me feel like I stepped into a monastery for some reason.
We ordered a variety of small dishes. In the back, we have the usual 小籠包 (steamed soup dumpling) and 生煎 (pan-fried bun) that I love. I don't think this place seasons the food very much. The skin on the 小籠包 was just a tad too thick, but at least made the bun less delicate (the skin usually breaks too easily). The 生煎包 had... very little flavour. Texturally, it was perfect, but it could use a little bit more seasoning. In the front we have 紅油抄手 (spicy wonton)... on a scale of 1 to spicy, this would be... negative 2. Yah, everything definitely needed more seasoning, I felt like I was eating food in a monastery.
I ordered the fried dough stick wrapped in a flaky sesame biscuit out of curiosity. I also ordered some congee to go with this and the congee had no taste at all! I was even tempted to mix in some sauce from the spicy wonton (which was not spicy) to give it more flavour. Needless to say, never getting this again!
豆沙鍋餅: The dough was absolutely tasteless, they should have either sweetened or put in a little bit of salt to contrast with the red bean paste... All in all, I'm thinking I just ordered all the wrong things because this place seems to be quite popular. I'll give it another try in the future (I'm a sucker for nice decor =D)
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