July 26, 2010


I think I just found my new favourite restaurant in Waterloo! I had a great experience at Wildcraft and I absolutely loved everything! We started off with a very interesting bread basket. It wasn't the best bread I've had, but at least it was pretty to look at!
SHORT RIB ANTIJITOS: braised shredded short rib / hot pepper cream cheese / tortilla
wrap / poblano pepper and tomatillo salsa / cilantro lime sour cream. I never had antojito with pork in it, but it made it very interesting and flavourful. I would get this again.
STEAK & FRENCH ONION FLATBREAD: marinated grilled sirloin / caramelized spanish onion / portobello mushrooms / roasted garlic purée / three cheeses
MUSHROOM FUSILLI wild mushrooms / roasted garlic / pesto cream / tomato concassé; I can't get enough of pesto!!!
DOUBLE BAKED WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE: filo wrapped / blueberry coulis / raspberry couli; OMG this dessert was the marriage of two things that I love- white chocolate & cheesecake. The result was indescribable! 
Wildcraft on UrbanspoonWildcraft on Restaurantica


  1. I agree! that cheesecake is to die for!



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