July 26, 2010

Summerlicious @ Hot House Cafe

This place was awesome for a weekend lunch! I thought that this meal was worth the $15 price, and I really enjoyed the meal. I started with the Louisiana Crab Cakes with Chili-Lime Aioli, fried to a golden brown served with a tangy Aioli sauce and crispy Shrimp Chips on mixed greens. I love crab cakes and this one tasted very good with the tangy aioli sauce. The crispy Shrimp Chip, however, was not crispy and I didn't finish that.
Grilled Moroccan Chicken Sandwich on Ciabatta with Charmoula Aioli: Chicken breast marinated in a blend of Moroccan spices, grilled and served with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and arugula; served with Sweet Potato fries. I was starting to worry that portions weren't big enough when I saw my crab cake, but changed my mind once I saw this. It was super filling! I love the ciabatta bread, and the charmoula aioli was absolutely to die for! Sweet potato fries were also delectable! I couldn't finish this and had to pack half of it home!
Shiitake Mushroom and Leek stuffed Agnolotti, baked with a rich Tomato Cream sauce and topped with fontina and mozzarella cheeses. Agnolotti is really similar to ravioli. Omg this was soooo creamy and yummy. I only tried two pieces, but I kind of wish I ordered this instead. But then it didn't come with my lovely sweet potato fries... and since pasta is so filling, more than half of this dish was packed home.
Blood Orange Sorbet: served with a sprig of Fresh Mint and a Vanilla Wafer. The vanilla wafer was really crispy and the blood orange sorbet had some grapefruit flavour... for some reason.
Hot House Tiramisu: Sponge Cake soaked in Espresso, Brandy, Frangelico and Bailey’s Irish Cream, covered with mounds of sweetened Mascarpone Cheese and lightly dusted with Cocoa. This is their signature dessert and I'm very glad I got it, because it was REALLY GOOD! A perfect sweet ending to the meal!
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