July 26, 2010

Summerlicious @ Auberge du Pommier

This was my first time dining at a very "high class" restaurant. Honestly, you go there for the presentation, service, and decor rather than the food. The food wasn't bad, but I wasn't blown away. We started off with baguette, served with olive and an artichoke dip.
Our amuse-bouche was two tiny truffle tarts, which looked like chinese egg tart but tasted like a quiche. This is supposed to "excite" our palette. I thought it was a very cute touch
Brandade de Morue: delicate cod brandade with olives, capers, lemon candy and toasted French baguette. See what I mean about presentation? This was actually quite delicious, as I love smoked salmon, but honestly, why is the baguette see-through. I wish they gave us more baguette!
Thon à la Provençale: olive oil poached tuna on aubergine caviar with warm pipérade, basil pesto and spicy chickpeas. Omg this dish blew me away in its presentation because I thought it was just sooooo pretty. I really loved the use of bright colours and it definitely looked a lot better than it tasted! Well, I enjoyed the spicy chickpeas a lot (the red stuff that looks like big seeds).
Medallions de Boeuf: grilled Angus beef on warm Alsatian style potato salad with watercress, scallion and truffle jus. This was... okay
Dessert is more a feast for the eyes rather than for the mouth. This is the Bombe Framboise, raspberry mousse with Ontario berry compote, maple sugar, lemon balm and rhubarb sorbet. It tasted pretty good too.
Cake au Citron: light lemon laurel cake with citrus, toasted almonds and sour cream sorbet. I really liked the sour cream sorbet because it tasted like a cheesecake!
Lastly, the meal ended with two bite sized brownies. Uh, sorry, I meant half-bite sized brownies. I think the brownie was one of my favourite things on the meal LOL! I don't think I'd be spending this much on fine dining again!
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