July 25, 2010

Oliver and Bonacini

Went to brunch at Oliver & Bonacini- the newest location on front street. The place is very roomy and chic.
Eggs Benedict: two poached eggs on a cheddar scone with roasted ham, cottage fried potatoes and hollandaise sauce. Nothing to die for, but satisfied my breakfast food craving =D
Pressed Smoked Country Ham & Gruyère on olive ciabatta with whole grain Dijon mayo. I really enjoyed this sandwich because the olive bread was very flavourful, and I can't resist melted gruyère cheese at all!
Oliver & Bonacini’s Mushroom Soup: this soup was not a cream of mushroom soup at all! You can really taste the strong fungus flavour of the mushroom. If you're a mushroom lover, you'll like this soup.



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