July 27, 2010

Mirage Bistro

I got a 50% coupon for mirage bistro at Finch and Yonge, so we all went for dessert =D
Blueberry Apple Orchards Crêpe: An old-fashioned apple crumble loaded with fresh blueberries, caramel sauce and whipped cream.
The Perfect Couple: One side of the plate features a single scoop of small-batch vanilla ice cream covered in fresh berries and strawberry purée. The other boasts a scoop of rich chocolate ice cream and sliced fresh bananas dripping with silky chocolate syrup. Real whipped cream provides the perfect finish. Mel couldn't finish this dessert so I helped her out hahaha!
Waffle Sundae: Our signature waffle cup filled with two scoops of strawberry ice cream, draped with whipped cream strawberry syrup. This was yummy!
Fruit Explosion: Fresh fruits join vanilla ice cream, strawberry purée and whipped cream.
Supercrema di Gianduja: New York style cheesecake coated with Nutella spread, dressed with fresh bananas and thick chocolate fudge. I found that the Nutella, in combination with the cheesecake, made the overall texture if this dessert a bit too thick.
Alexa's drink was nasty. Melissa's drink was delicious!



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