July 26, 2010

Guu Izakaya

An izakaya is a Japanese drinking establishment (居酒屋) that serves food to accompany the drinks. The new Guu location in Toronto has a lot of hype and for good reasons! This was absolutely my dream meal! To be able to order so many items off the menu of Guu made me soooo happy (and a little bit over-excited)! In addition, we got seated in the patio so I got to take pictures with natural light =D

"IKAPIRI" Deep fried calamari with spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo. This is one of my favourite dishes here cuz the spicy ketchy and mayo combo is just soooo delicious. 

Sweet potato fries with honey mayo. Honestly this was one of the worse dishes of the night in my opinion, cuz it was pretty plain, and not deep fried enough. It just tasted like baked sweet potato. At least it felt healthier than the normal sweet potato fries that I get at restaurants.
"SALMON NATTO YUKKE" Chopped salmon sashimi with seven friends(Natto, shibazuke, takuan, wonton chips, garlic chips, green onion and raw egg yolk). Mix them up and wrap it in NORI seaweed. I've never had anything quite like this before but the mixture turned out to be quite tasty... and slimy, but in a good way.
"KARAAGE" Deep fried soysauce marinated chicken served with garlic mayo. This dish exemplifies how Guu makes an ordinary dish extraordinary by executing it perfectly. The chicken is perfectly fried and so tender inside, it reminded me of my grandma's fried chicken! The garlic mayo just makes it even better, of course!
"KINOKO CHEESE BIBIMBAP" Rice, garlic sauteed mushrooms and cheese with seaweed sauce. Cheese + Bibimbap = absolutely irresistable! The cheese surprisingly complemented the rice very well and this is an interesting and tasty twist on the traditional korean bibimbap that I love. Definitely will order this again next time!
Pan-fried pork intestine: This was on the special menu of the day and.. well.. tasted very chinese. Not that it was bad at all, but I can get this at a chinese restaurant
"GYU CARPACCIO" Loghtly seared marbled beef sashimi with wasabi mayo. I'm not a big fan of carpaccio because I prefer my beef cooked. Nevertheless, the flavour was very light and pleasant.
Grilled Avocado & Prawn, topped with mayo & panko. Another item on the special menu, and the creamy texture of the avocado, in addition to the mayo, made this dish very rich. As an ardent avocado lover, I really enjoyed this dish, but a little less avocado would be good.
This close up picture is blurry but you can see the avocado
"TONTORO" Grilled pork cheek with salt and YUZU pepper. Quite unremarkable and the meat had a rather dry texture. This dish paled considerably against all the other excellent choices of the night.
"KABOCHA KOROKKE" Deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette with a boiled egg inside. I expected this to be crispy... instead it was chewy.. like a piece of mochi. Can't really taste the pumpkin, but nevertheless, I still find the flavour to be quite interesting and I like this dish overall. The sauce is another mayo-based sauce (Guu just can't stop using mayo, to my delight)
"GINDARA" Grilled black cod with SAIKYO miso and white wine sauce. I only like black cod when it's cooked perfectly, and this was cooked perfectly. Black cod has very high fat content, so the meat almost melts in your mouth. The piece of skin is deep fried and very crispy and flavourful. This dish is the most expensive dish on the menu but is a worthwhile indulgence.
"KAKIMAYO" Grilled oysters with spinach, garlic mayo and cheese on the top. I really don't think you can go wrong with the spinach, mayo and cheese combo. And I love oyster, so I love this dish!
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