July 26, 2010

Doing hwk downtown (Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches)

I love to work downtown at a cafe because I simply can't concentrate at home. So I'm always seeking for new cafes with free wifi to work in!

I got a take out sandwich from sky blue sky sandwiches, a place on bloor and bathurst that I've been dying to try. This sandwich is named "We're Just Friends", slices of smoked chicken topped with roasted red peppers, Swiss cheese and red onions. I love love love panini but unfortunately I got lost so by the time I picked up my pre-ordered sandwich, it wasn't hot off the press. Gotta go back another day!
Close up on the fillings, so yummy!
Mocha from Aroma Espresso Bar. This is one of my favourite places to work and I just love their chocolate drinks because they use real chocolate to make it. All drinks also come with a small piece of chocolate, which I also love!
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